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We believe that good food is at the heart of a strong body, a loving family and a successful life. We know that good old-fashioned hard work is the best way to provide for the people we love the most.

Berryman brothers in the barn with pigs

We are Justin and Gregory Berryman. Thank-you for visiting our website.

Here at Berryman Brothers Meat Ltd. We process, cure, package and deliver local meat products. We raise livestock with the highest health and moral standards. We build relationships with other local farmers, who also raise livestock with integrity. We serve the good folks in our community who care for themselves and their families, as we do.

The Berryman family consists of nine brothers, two sisters, and a huge extended family. Our family has been serving Vancouver Island for over 4 generations. Farming, raising livestock, building homes and contributing to our community in positive ways.

Our love for farming began as children. We were all involved in the local 4H club. Raising livestock on the family farm was a means of providing for our large family. Everyone did their part. Later we learned the crafts of butchering and smoking meats. As our farm grew and our skills evolved we were able to be helpful to more people. First to our extended families and then to our friends and neighbours.
Picture of pigs on the farm

The desire to provide quality and affordable food to our loved ones was the foundation that we built our farm on. Now, an even greater hunger inspires our ambition. We want to bridge the gap between local farmers and local families. To give local farmers an integral outlet to sell their provisions. To help more people enjoy the benefits of eating local, healthy and delicious meats!

"Good food is at the heart of all good things."

By establishing relationships with the best farming cultures on Vancouver Island. Providing meat cutting services that match the integrity of the farmers we work with. A state of the art butchering facility on our family farm. And a friendly, fast delivery service. We ensure your meat is the freshest, healthiest meat available.
Cows in a sunny pasture

Our business is our community. With familythe heart of every strong community at its core. We understand the importance of being true to our word. Of being accountable for our actions. Of maintaining honour and respect for ourselves and each other. Of owning up to our mistakes when we make them, and always doing our best for the people we love the most - our families and our community.

Thank you so much for your support!

Justin and Gregory Berryman
Sketch of farm
"There is no I in team - But there is meat!"