About us

Berryman Brothers Butcheries is a local environmentally sustainable Victoria based butcher shop. The Berryman Brothers are highly specialized in custom sausage making, curing, smoked products, custom meat cutting and wrapping.

            The Butcher shop constructed in 2015, is a state of art island health approved custom cutting and sausage making facility. The facility was initially started for the Berryman Farms Pasture Raised pork products. The Berryman’s began raising livestock to ensure their family was fed meat ethically raised and free of any antibiotics and hormones. However during the process owner Justin Berryman, who has managed and started a few retail locations for some of the local markets in Victoria, identified local farmers were in need of a local custom cutting butcher shop. “Our community wants to support a 100 mile diet, if farmers can’t raise and sell local meat how can our neighbor’s access quality meat? The Berryman Brothers, Justin and Gregory, left their jobs to expand the Berryman Farms name and create Berryman Brothers Butcheries, to pursue assisting the local farming community as well as bringing local healthy meat choice to their family, friends and community.

            The brother’s mission is to produce a quality custom cutting and sausage making service, to all local farmers. Community consumers can order directly from the brothers as they offer many custom order options. We will bring the freshest pasture raised products rightfully available for consumers all over Vancouver Island.