Quarter Hog - 50lbs

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Quarter Hog. 50 lbs

Berryman Farms pasture raised pork is grown naturally without any growth hormones or antibiotics. Challenge yourself and find every great recipe out their for every piece of the puzzle that is built within purchasing a whole animal. Fill your freezer for the year with a Whole or Half Hog.  

A quarter hog consists of;

1 x 1/2 Boneless Ham

1 x Shoulder Roast

2 x Shoulder Steaks

7 x Sliced Bacon

5 x Loin Chops

1 x Side Ribs

1 x Pork Tenderloin

6 x Sausages

4 x Ground Pork

1 x Pork Hock

1 x Sirloin Chops

1 x Soup Bones

(All package sizes are consistent with those sold individually.)