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Our Butcher's Choice Box is a collection of our customer's absolute favorite cuts and flavors. Why not save time (and MONEY) by picking them up all at the same time!!!  Butcher's Choice Meat Box Includes:2 x Whole Chickens (approx 3.5 lbs each)2 x Ground Beef (approx 1 lbs each)2 x...
Approx. 1 lb / package Lean and finely ground, great for burgers, meat balls, meat loaf, or well anything you can imagine. Berryman Farms pasture raised pork. Local Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
Pork Tenderloin Berryman Farms pork tenderloin is absolutely the juiciest cut of meat we have!  Marinate it, stuff it, or wrap it in bacon.   Either way we guarantee you'll be in for a delicious dinner! Berryman Farms pasture raised pork Local  Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C. Approx...
Boneless Loin Chops. Berryman Farms Boneless pork chops are a fan favorite. Easy to sear, grill, and bake. Each chop is approx. 6 oz. 3 boneless pork chops / package. Berryman Farms pasture raised pork Local  Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
Baby Back Ribs A hardy rib loaded with meat. This fall off the bone pork will ensure you are the king at any BBQ. Approx. 1.5 lbs each package.  This full rack of ribs can feed up to 4 people. Local meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
These are taken from the belly side of the rib cage below the back ribs. More tender than back ribs! Package Size approx. 1.5 Lbs. Berryman Farms pasture raised pork Local Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
Sink your teeth into these juicy bone in pork chops. Season, grill and enjoy. The bone adds amazing flavor to the lean loin when cooked over a hot grill. Each chop is approx. 8 oz. 2 bone in pork chops / package Berryman Farms pasture raised pork. Local Meat grown...
The Breakfast Box The Berryman Brothers have packed all the pork variety you need for breakfast into one delicious box!  Nothing goes better with your morning eggs than top quality bacon and sausage! The Breakfast Box consists of; 3 x Sliced Bacon (Approx 1/2 lb) 2 x Breakfast Sausage (12...
Approx. 1lb / package An incredible addition to almost any dish. We put our signature double-smoked bacon-ends through the meat grinder. Then vacuum seal it for freshness. Mix into your burger mix or add to your favourite sauces and soups. Bake into crispy REAL bacon bits! The possibilities are endless. ...
Shoulder Roast - Bone In The Shoulder roast is the best cut for your amazing pulled pork. Cook it right and you can pull the meat off the bone with a fork. Blend your shredded shoulder with your self proclaimed "worlds best" BBQ sauce and you will then have the...
Shoulder Roast Boneless An easy carving option when it comes to the shoulder roast. Cook Low and slow and slice it or shred it apart for pulled pork. Succulent and juicy! approx. 3 Lbs. Berryman Farms pasture raised pork. Local Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
The Dinner Box Another Berryman Brothers box designed to make farm fresh pork more readily available to your family.  We have filled this box with a multitude of fresh pork cuts to inspire your inner chef. Season, marinate to perfection, for a dinner plate your family will love!   The...
Boneless Loin Roast Take you secret family recipe to the next level. Apply your secret spice blend or rub to this extremely lean and flavorful boneless pork loin roast. Bake in the oven until the internal temperature reads 145 degrees F. let the roast sit for 5 - 10 mins...
Pork Belly Pork belly is a boneless cut of meat from the belly of a pig. This cut of meat is popular in East Asian, European, and North American cuisine. Also used for BACON! Approx. 2 lbs each package. Berryman  Farms pasture raised pork. Local Meat grown & Prepared in Victoria B.C.
The Mini Butcher's Choice Box is the slightly smaller - but just as DELICIOUS - version of our #1 selling Butcher's Choice Box! Perfect for fridge freezers or smaller appetites! Mini Butcher's Choice Meat Box Includes:1 x Whole Chickens (approx 3.5 lbs)1 x Ground Beef (approx 1 lbs)1 x Packs...
Shoulder Steak Bone in. These bone in shoulder steaks are best cooked low and slow. Thick cut and great on the BBQ. Marinate before cooking in your favorite flavors. approx. 15 oz. each steak 1 steaks/package Berryman Farms pasture raised pork Local Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
Sirloin Steak Boneless. These juicy steaks are hard to come by; tender and extremely lean. Grab yours while you can there are only 6 steaks on each animal!        approx. 8 oz each  2 steaks / package Berryman Farms pasture raised pork. Local Meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
This Pork loin chop will impress all your friends at your BBQ! Lean loin chop with a layer of fine fats on a tomahawk long bone.  2 x 12 oz. chop / package Vancouver Island Raised Pork No added Hormones or GMO's Prepared in Victoria B.C.
Fresh Pork Hock From our shop to your stock! Filled with plenty of gelatin and flavor, perfect for your homemade soup stock. Approx. 2 Lbs. / package. Berryman Farms pasture raised pork. Local meat grown & prepared in Victoria B.C.
Our premium leaf lard is ready for all your rendering needs! Leaf lard is a great source of Vitamin D, Omega 3's and is tasteless making it perfect for using as a healthy substitute for butter, oil, or margarine in baking. Never rendered??? Check out our blog "This Stuff Is...
This rich, crackling-coated pork roast is ready for your oven! Our porchetta roasts are made from our very best pork loin wrapped and tied with pork belly. You will want to make sure you have leftovers which make the most AMAZING sandwiches!   Each roast is Approx 5lbs (Not Seasoned)
1lb of our Premium Berryman Brothers Pork Loin marinated, cut, and ready to skewer! Eat right off the stick, add to your favorite salad, or top with tzatziki and wrap in a warm pita! Anyway you serve it the hard work is already done! Make dinner easy with Berryman Brothers...
A delicious high-fat cut of meat from our own farm-fresh ethically raised pork. Ideal for Keto diet.  Approximately 1 lb packages Berryman Farms pasture raised pork. Gluten-free. No hormones. 
The Lunch Box No lunch is complete without a variety of smoked meats and pepperoni.  That's why the Berryman Brothers have prepared this custom lunch box with all the protein you'll need to put together a lunch that'll have your co-workers drooling! The Lunch Box consists of; 1 x Pepperoni...
Quarter Hog. 50 lbs Hanging Weight Berryman Farms  raised pork is grown naturally without any growth hormones or antibiotics. Challenge yourself and find every great recipe out their for every piece of the puzzle that is built within purchasing a whole animal. Fill your freezer for the year with a Whole...